Art 4 Animals

I just felt the need to draw up a picture that describes what this website is about

Above is just a doodle I did at work with my pastel pencils.  Looking at it now, I think them paws look like raccoon claws.  Eh!  That’s Ok, I got love for all critters.

Below is some fun I had with my new watercolor pencils

Experimenting with watercolor pencils

2 responses to “Art 4 Animals

  1. Love it :) Jackie, I was wondering, do you take requests? For example, if I showed you a bunch of pics from our trips to Jamaica, would you be willing to paint something for us? Just curious, for now. Thanks, Chantal

    • Chantal, I would LOVE to see the pics.. And yes, I take requests, I can always use some ideas for inspiration. Jamaica is such a beautiful place, I’m sure you have some great pics & I’m sure I can do something for you guys! It’ll be my pleasure!

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