Fun with Photography

Today I got off work a little early & spent the rest of what was left of daylight outside with my camera.   I didn’t even realize how much time had passed by.  I spent hours in my yard by my flowers and it felt like minutes.   I felt like a kid again, just crawling around in the dirt, playing with the bugs & stuff..

Although grasshoppers kind’ve creep me out when they jump & land on me, I had fun with this guy.  He was good & stayed on the flower.    Having objects like bugs make the pictures a little more fun in my opinion.

I really like this ant picture below, I just wish the ant didn’t move so quickly.  It’s a little blurry.

I don’t have a nice expensive macro lens.  I just have a cheap Semi fisheye/Macro Lens I picked up for like $35.  Not too bad of an investment for just playing around with & experiencing what macro can do.

This flower below is an Amaranthus (aka Love Lies Bleeding) & it’s very fun to photograph.  I noticed I have some dust on my lens, (oops) but I stil like the pic.

And below is another ant on my flowers, this time in regular color.

I love playing with the color accent setting



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