Stuff that Glows but probably shouldn’t…

I’m very intrigued by things that glow that probably shouldn’t.   I wonder if anyone else has ever been out hiking at night, or even camping and noticed something on the ground glowing.  Anyone??  This has happened to me twice!  Luckily, I have had witnesses both times so I know for a fact that I’m not crazy.  Well maybe I’m a little crazy but I know I wasn’t hallucinating.  It really happened.  The first time I seen nature glow, I was camping at Illini State Park, in Marseilles, IL.  I was walking about 25 ft from my campsite when I seen a greenish glow on the ground.  Curious, I of course went over to see what it was.  It was a stick!  Like from a tree!  The entire stick wasn’t glowing, just a section of it.  I was amazed!  I felt like I found gold or something.  We were the only campers there that night & at first I was wondering if someone dipped some of that glow juice from the plastic glow sticks on it.  But I know that juice doesn’t last long & nobody else was in the area.  So I brought it back to the campsite to show my friend & she too was amazed by the glowing piece of wood.  What the heck did I find??  I intended on saving the stick (not even thinking of any hazards or toxins that could cause it to glow) and sure enough, it ended up in our campfire that night.  I was so disappointed once I realized that happened, but I guess no wood is safe around fire… and especially after some beers.

Anyways, about 7 years later while working in the blueprint shop I came across some blueprints for a Uranium Removal project in Marseilles, IL.  I wonder if that had anything to do with the glowing stick I found.  Hmmmmm????

The second time I seen nature glow I was with my sister and cousin with a group of night hikers for an Owl Prowl in Thorn Creek Forest Preserve in Park Forest, IL.  As the Naturalist was guiding our group throughout the dark woods, listening for owls I again noticed something in the distance about 30 ft or so off the path.  I pointed it out to everyone and asked what it was.  The Naturalist lady said that there is a type of mushroom that glows and that’s what it is.  Well, I’ve heard of glowing fungi before (Ghost Mushroom), but only in dense tropical rainforests such as Brazil and maybe some parts of Japan.  I think it’s odd that this particular type of glowing mushroom would be in Illinois.   I personally think the Naturalist was in denial or maybe scared of the truth or maybe she just wasn’t interested like I was.  She insisted that nobody go near it and to stay on the path.  I always wanted to go back & go on my own night hike, but never made it.  Maybe there’s some sort of chemical dumping nearby?

If anyone else has ever witnessed something like this, or knows of similar happenings please feel free to comment.


2 responses to “Stuff that Glows but probably shouldn’t…

  1. Wow that’s scary. I hope its not some hazardous chemicals. You should probably take a sample next time and bring it to a local agency so they can see what is causing that.

  2. I agree. I want to go back to the forest preserve & try finding more glowing stuff & bring a jar for samples. Nobody will go with me though :( b/c they’re afraid of trespassing after hours.

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