Monsoon Season

One thing I miss about living in Arizona is the summer thunderstorms that happened frequently in the afternoons (also known as monsoons).  I lived in Mesa for a while and it seemed that almost every afternoon I’d get off work & as soon as I parked it would start to rain as I ran (or sometimes walked) to my apartment.  It was nice that I could cool off from a long hot ride home since I didn’t have air conditioning in my car.  The water in the pool was way to hot to cool off in, so  I would just sit out on my balcony watching the storm roll in,  getting misted by the huge pellets of rain crashing on the handrail of the balcony.  Or sometimes it would even rain sideways.  I LOVE thunderstorms..

As my parting gift, Arizona gave me one last beautiful storm to capture on film.  I took this photo on my last day in Arizona driving back to Illinois.  As I was looking for somewhere to pull over with some sort of foreground I came across this tiny pond (or puddle?) and these weird little desert trees.

This was taken just east of Flagstaff on a road near the Meteor Crater.   If anyone has driven I-40 you should know what I’m talking about.


12 responses to “Monsoon Season

  1. Oh sorry you had to leave! We have beautiful storms here unlike anywhere in the US. The desert air also gives us great sunsets and sunrises!

  2. That photo is fantastic! Such color!

    • Thanks Rumpydog.. I was lucky to take this photo with the sun behind me shining so bright, as the storm ahead looks so dark in contrast. I would not have been able to get such colors if I waited another 5 minutes.

  3. My person loves the Arizona thunderstorms but I don’t like them at all. My person says she loves this picture too. She’s been on that road many times.

    • Bongo, my dog feels the same way.. He runs around the house barking (yelling – warning the 4 cats he lives with to go hide).
      Thank you! Have fun on your adventures in Arizona :) ~ Miss that place!!

  4. Beautiful photo! Captures the poser of the storm and the change in weather.

  5. LOVELY shot – so color rich and moody> I spent 2 weeks in Flagstaff in Dec 2005. Thanks for your likes on my posts. How wonderful that you help animals with your art too – Alison

  6. Love the words and the photo. The monsoon season is my favorite season in New Mexico. The clouds and sky combine to brood the land alive, and when the rain comes it wakes up wildflowers and wildlife into profusion.

    • Thank you Thomas. Very nice choice of words describing the Monsoons. I haven’t been so lucky to see much wildlife where I was, but I can only imagine how nice it must be to witness that.

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