All About Marley ~ My Best Friend

Always ready for a good hike ~ Since we like to hike & travel, he gets to see & smell all kinds of places. This is at the Lower Falls in Hocking Hills, Ohio.

I’ve always been an animal lover but ever since I’ve had Marley, I’ve been more passionate about animals & I love them even more.  Especially dogs!!  I have to admit, he is my inspiration for this website.  Just like any other animal lover, I want to save all animals in need of a good home or good health etc.  But the reality is, I can’t.  I can however donate to The Humane Society of the United States (bless them for all that they do) any time my funds allow me to.  And for every painting I sell, I do donate 10% to HSUS.  It’s not a lot but it’s something.  Hopefully one day my finances will allow me to donate more.   I can’t imagine my life without Marley, and I sure don’t want to imagine what would’ve happened to him if he was never adopted.

I adopted Marley from an animal shelter when he was just 8 weeks old.  He checked out healthy (with the exception of ring worm on his leg) at the shelter’s recommended vet, but the very next day he was lethargic, wouldn’t eat or drink, and this lasted almost 3 days.  A friend told us to try Nutri-Cal.  It comes in a tube & is a high calorie nutritional supplement loaded with vitamins and minerals.  The tube cost less than $10 and I swear it may have just saved my puppy’s life.  Although the vet said to feed him rice with his food, my puppy just wasn’t interested in food at all.  As soon as Marley licked some of this Nutri-Cal, he was wanting more.  We only gave him about a tablespoon worth to start and this did the trick.  We put some of this sticky goo called Nutri-Cal on his regular puppy food mixed with rice and he was loving it!   He was drinking water again too within minutes after eating some of this.  No more sickness!!

Puppy's first ball was as big as puppy :) He loved it though. He would carry it around by one loose lace & he would trip over it sometimes. He didn't seem to mind though.

In the photo below, Marley is about 5 months old.  Such a terror at that age, chewing phones, eye-glasses, chasing the cats, but how could anyone be mad at this face??

As Marley grew bigger he started to terrorize Difranco (the cat). Difranco would freeze with fear as Marley would stand over him barking at his face. But as you can see, I found them cuddling on the couch napping together. Marley really does love Difranco. :)

Marley is a Border Collie Lab mix and so of course his favorite thing to do is play fetch.  Weather it’s playing fetch with a ball, frisbee, stuffed animal or a glove, he’s happy no matter what he’s chasing & retrieving.

The yellow flat thing in Marley's mouth is what was left of his squeeky hamburger. Yes, it's the bun. He plays fetch with anything and well, on this day he fell asleep with the bun in his mouth and I of course, had to disturb him & wake him up with my camera! Hehehe.. His eyes aren't even focused on me yet. Such a tired pup.

Beach Day!  Even though Marley is part lab, he does not like swimming.  He will only swim if it involves chasing a frisbee or if he has on his life jacket.  He loves walking in shallow water but if the water is deeper than his body’s height, forget about it.

Will only swim for frisbee!

Frisbee Frisbee, Gotta Get it Get it!

Marley loves to drink the lake water ~ forget the bottled water we always bring for him.

Last year, Marley had us worried.  He was sick for over 3 weeks.  He was not able to drink or eat without regurgitating or sometimes he threw up.    He mostly regurgitated immediately after drinking or even while drinking water.  We thought he may have swallowed something he shouldn’t have or had some sort of blockage.  After multiple visits to the vet, x-rays & even a barium procedure we had no answers. Just guesses that it could be acid-reflux, or an ulcer, or just a bad case of gastroenteritis.   The x-rays showed  that his stomach was filled with gas.  Luckily there was no obstruction so at least he didn’t need surgery.  The vet just concluded that it’s just a case of gastroenteritis.  After 2 weeks of medicines and 3 weeks of eating chicken & rice, plain yogurt, and NO PLAYING per vet instructions, I was beginning to think the worst.  The medicines had run out & they haven’t even helped.  Even the re-fill of medicines had run out.  I started to feel hopeless..  Then after searching for remedies on we gave Slippery Elm a try to help Marley.  After I think it was 2 days he was finally able to keep his food & water down.  It seemed to help.

10 lbs under his normal weight

All I wanted for Christmas last year was for my dog to be over his sickness & to be ok. And guess what…. after 3 long weeks, of watching my dog suffer, not being able to eat or drink, not being able to play, and multiple times a day of cleaning up barf, I got my wish.  Christmas Eve was the last day he threw up.

♪ Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight ♫ Think of all the fun I've missed, Think of all the butts, that I haven't sniffed ♫

Every few months it seems Marley still gets sick with the same symptoms as last year, but when this happens, we give him a special dinner with Slippery Elm & we nip it in the bud before it gets any worse.


7 responses to “All About Marley ~ My Best Friend

  1. What a lovely dog ! :)

  2. He’s such a cutie! What adorable eyes :)

  3. Marley, you’re my kind of dog. I love to catch anything and everything too.

  4. Dogs really are part of the family. They give so much without even trying. I went through a similar “mysterious illness” and all the testing with my old boy… turns out he did need surgery–the tiniest bit of kleenex + hair ingested by the Bad Trash Raider caused an enormous problem. Expensive, but he lived another 2 yrs. I wrote about him here
    Still makes me sad.

    • Aw Laura, I bet it still makes you sad. I dread the days that are inevitably ahead… Hopefully that won’t be for years & years though.
      It must be hard deciding on when it’s time. I’m sure you gave Diego a life that he was very grateful for. And I’m sure he’s especially glad that he had a person like you in the end. Most people wouldn’t have the patience for that. We’re truly dog people! :)

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