Bunnies are occupying my block….my dog hates it but I love it.

When I came out with my camera, the bunnies got spooked & ran away from me. Except this one.. this one ran toward me to the corner in my yard. (I call this one Charlie because of his unique marking on his face ~ see photo below and you'll understand)

Over the summer someone dumped about 20 domestic bunnies in a field down the street from my house.  I’m guessing the owner of the bunnies may have just started with 2 or 3 and didn’t realize how much bunnies like to uh, multiply.  I think it’s sad that these bunnies were abandoned like that, but my neighbors on my block seem to have welcomed them all by leaving out food for them & even providing a wooden box for them as shelter (until an unwanted animal decided to take it over as it’s home).

Can you see the resemblance between the Charlies?

I was worried that the bunnies would be picked on or even killed by the cats that live down the street.   The cats live on one side of the block & the bunnies have taken over the other side of the block.  But now the bunnies are making their way down past the cats to my yard as their favorite hang out spot.  Maybe it’s the amaranth plant that I haven’t cut down yet.  They sure do love to eat it.

This is the amaranth plant (aka Love Lies Bleeding).  I took this photo in the late summer as the flowers were in bloom.  Right now, all that is left is the dead stalks. I was going to pull them out & bag them up in a yard waste bag, but now I think I’ll keep it for the bunnies to eat over the winter.

The neighborhood cats like to rub against & play with the long tassels of flowers

The cats belong to my neighbor.  She takes in strays or unwanted cats.  There are probably 6-8 outdoor cats I’m guessing.  She does spay & neuter all of her cats and she takes good care of them.  I’m glad that I have responsible, animal loving neighbors.

It seems that the cats & bunnies have found peace with each other so I’m happy for that.  I did see a field of white fur one morning as I drove past, but I’m sure that one of the bunnies just ended up being breakfast for a hawk.  I guess hawks need to eat too, so I can’t be too sad about 1 less bunny.  That’s nature & life.


One response to “Bunnies are occupying my block….my dog hates it but I love it.

  1. I occasionally find wild bunnies in my yard coming to steal things out of my garden, but that’s really something having domestic bunnies hanging around. Glad you and your neighbors are taking care of them.

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