Indian Summer ~ A walk around Lake Katherine

We’ve had quite a few unseasonably warm weekends here in the Midwest that lasted well into November.  This was my last chance to get outside & catch some vibrant fall foliage on this 70 degree day.  So, we packed up our gear & of course we brought Marley with for the walk at Lake Katherine in Palos Heights, IL.

Now that winter is here though, I probably won’t be getting outside as much.  (That is unless Santa brings me my winter boots & snow pants.)  So I’m probably going to take this opportunity to do some more artwork.

Here are a few photos I took

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


8 responses to “Indian Summer ~ A walk around Lake Katherine

  1. Wow, nice photo’s. I hope you do get out in winter, because it is one the most beautiful times of year to be outside. Get your boots and snowpants and take some more pic’s!

    • Thank you Vincent.. I used to hate winter, but now I know with the proper gear, it can be very enjoyable.
      I’m listening to your podcast now & there is a lot of informative tips on there.

  2. Very, very nice pics. I bet it’s beautiful there in winter too.

  3. These are just gorgeous! I love your blog! wOOf…wOOf…

  4. Oh, these are really nice! It’s deceptively hard to get good autumn nature shots sometimes. Good job!

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