The Squirrel said to The Buddha

Buddha – I want to have your peace….

your wisdom, your serenity,

your divine nature….. your acorn hat!

Love, Squirrel


6 responses to “The Squirrel said to The Buddha

  1. OK, I’ll admit it, that made me giggle a little. Never really thought about it before, but it really does look like a acorn hat!!

  2. Did the squirrel get it?

    • Haha.. no he didn’t get it Bongo. I guess we can’t always get what we want. The squirrel was sad from this but The Buddha taught the squirrel that his suffering will end once his craving for that acorn hat ends….His craving ended & then the squirrel was liberated! :)

  3. awwwwww….. how sweet! I bet that squirrel reaches Nirvana before Jen does too.

  4. What a wonderful image! I linked to this post from a post on my own blog — this morning a squirrel tried to get into our sanctuary to meditate with us, and I linked to this post at the end of that story. :-) It’s here:

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