Hiking Hocking Hills

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If you plan on going to Hocking Hills & have an iphone or probably any other smart phone, you should download the app before you arrive since there is no phone/web service through the area.  But if you’re like me and are still using a dumb dinosaur phone, I advise going to the Visitor Center at the State Park Campground & spending $2 on trail map.  There is camping throughout the area but some of the private campgrounds look abandoned & have real bumpy roads.  Some campgrounds even have mud ruts so deep you might even get your car stuck.  (speaking from experience)  I camped at the State Park Campground and I have to admit, it was really nice having showers available after a few days of camping & hiking in Cuyahoga National Park.  The reason for my trip was mainly Hocking, but since there was a national park in northern Ohio, we figured we’d road trip & detour & knock it off the list of National Parks.  (hoping to visit them all one day ~ haha, yeah right)

I went to Hocking Hills in early June when the waterfalls were, um… watery.  (?)  When I showed my cousin pictures from my trip, she was surprised by the waterfalls since she previously went in July & by then most of the waterfalls were dried up.  Even though the landscape of the area is beautiful by itself, if you want to see waterfalls, I recommend going in spring time or after heavy rains for the best views of the falls.

Dogs are allowed on all of the trails in the state park, but they are not allowed in the Nature Preserves which include Conkle’s Hollow and Rock Bridge Nature Preserve.  I was so bummed when I got to the parking lot of Rock Bridge & seen that damn sign that said ‘No Dogs Allowed’.  Ugh!!  I really wanted to see Ohio’s largest natural bridge (measuring more than 100 ft long, 10 – 20 ft across, and arches 50 ft high across the ravine) but I guess it’ll have to wait for another time.  I would’ve left my dog in the car & took the hike had it been much cooler outside, but with temperatures as warm as it was there was No way I would take that chance on leaving him in a hot car.

Anyways, if you’re ever in the area of southeastern Ohio make sure you check out Hocking Hills State Park.  They even have zip-line tours!!


3 responses to “Hiking Hocking Hills

  1. Those are beautiful photos!

  2. Nice photos. Looks like you had a good time there.

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