Frisbee Frisbee Frisbee!!!

I’m at work & I miss my dog!  Even though it’s only been like 2 days, it seems so long since we’ve played.  Probably because I’ve had a few busy days & late nights getting home.  Usually our daily routine is that I’ll come home from work & we’ll play frisbee in the backyard (no matter how cold it is) and then we’ll come inside & I feed him.  Then he has to relax & let his food settle for an hour before playing again so that he doesn’t have a barf fest all over the house.

He was really upset when I left for work this morning.  I’m especially missing him today since we didn’t have any play time yesterday (not even ball play time inside).  My partner tells me that when I don’t come home, Marley sits on the couch & stares out the front window until I come home.  Sometimes he even cries for me.  Awwee!

I can’t wait to get home tonight & play Frisbee!  Marley will be so happy!


One response to “Frisbee Frisbee Frisbee!!!

  1. Frisbee is the best! I’m glad Marley get to play tonight.

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