Northern Lights Road Trip

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I might have a small obsession with the Northern Lights.  I realized this last week when I heard about the powerful solar storm that happened on the night of March 6th & 7th.  The solar storm produced a coronal mass ejection (CME) which was headed for earth & expected to reach on March 8th.  As soon as I heard about the solar storm, I wanted to drive up as far north as I could get.  I knew it would be a great opportunity to witness the Northern Lights in person.  So, after work Thursday we packed up the car & the dog & we went on a road trip.  We drove all night throughout Wisconsin.  Worried that the full moon & the partial cloudy skies would ruin the visibility of seeing the Northern Lights, I was getting worried that we drove all this way for nothing.  Finally when we turned off the highway to grab some dinner (which we never did because the town was all closed) we seen the bright green outburst of the Northern Lights as soon as we turned off the exit!!  It was so neat.  I was tired after driving 6+ hours but suddenly I got a rush of energy after seeing that.  I was ready to drive for another 6 hours up to Lake Superior.  So, we headed even further north of course.  We never did make it to Lake Superior because there was a nasty snow/ice/sleet storm which made the road slippery & it was scary driving on icy roads.  Especially without sleep or dinner.  We munched on beef jerky, apples, pears & stopped for coffee.  It was all we needed to get us through the night.  We drove as far north as Winter, Wisconsin and then decided to head back toward Baraboo where we would spend the next day hiking at Devil’s Lake.  My grandparents took my sister, cousin & I camping there when we were kids.  I remember getting lost with my grandpa as we hiked to find Elephant Rock.  We did eventually find it after what seemed like hours of hiking.  It was great seeing that place again.  After 30 hours of no sleep & 14 hours of driving, we got to the hotel Friday morning & luckily we were able to check in early & get a 2 hour nap before a day of hiking at Devil’s Lake.  It was just enough time to do all this & to drive back home to Indiana the next morning to be at a birthday party on Saturday.  This was truly the best & most spontaneous road trip I’ve had yet.

4x6 pastel ~ Northern Lights before Sunrise

4x6 pastel ~ Northern Lights Roadside


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