California Sea Lion

18 x24 Acrylic on Canvas board

I”m a little disappointed with the way the water turned out but hey, I’m no Wyland.  Painting ripples & water movement is  just something I’ll have to practice on…


9 responses to “California Sea Lion

  1. “I’m a little disappointed with the way the water turned…” Don’t be. I can FEEL the movement and the depth.

  2. Is is stunning! So vivid and crisp. :D

  3. Such a cool painting. Now I am new to your site and a bit confused. Who made this painting? An animal? Is it a self-portrait? Or do you paint these and give them to animals? I guess I will need to return to find out. I think I will just follow you till I can get this mystery cleared up.

    • Hahaha.. Thank you! I do the artwork & any paintings I sell I donate 10% to the Humane Society. I’m an animal lover & usually my artwork is inspired by animals, other times I get inspired by nature so I’ll paint a landscape here & there.

  4. This is awesome! Are you selling this painting?

    • Hi Michelle,
      I have this painting hanging on my wall right now. I used double sided adhesive sticky tape to hang it (since it’s a canvas board) so once I were to take it down, it may rip off some parts of the backing of the board so I’m not sure if you would want to buy it or not.

    • If you’re interested in buying a printed copy let me know.. (Or even if you’d still be interested in buying the original.. email me if you’d like Thanks..

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