Dog Friendly Beach

 Mt. Baldy – Indiana Dunes State Park

Marley’s new favorite past time at the beach is collecting & fetching rocks.  I think he’s got a new obsession to add to the list.

hunting for the rock…. I know it’s here somewhere underneath all this sand and water.  I can smell it.

ooh, I almost got it.. if I could just get my teeth around it

maybe I can dig it out..

Awe shucks, I almost had that rock til the water came and covered it up again..

Ah HA! I got it this time!

This is MY rock now..

Look what I found Ma!!  Now You throw it back in the water and I’ll fetch it.. Then Repeat..

He’s waiting patiently for me to throw some more rocks.


3 responses to “Dog Friendly Beach

  1. What fun. Definitely need to get Litchi back to the seaside soon.

  2. Great photos! Looks like Marley had a great time at the beach!

  3. That beach looks like great fun. I wish I could play fetch with you too.

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