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California Sea Lion

18 x24 Acrylic on Canvas board

I”m a little disappointed with the way the water turned out but hey, I’m no Wyland.  Painting ripples & water movement is  just something I’ll have to practice on…


Northern Lights Road Trip

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I might have a small obsession with the Northern Lights.  I realized this last week when I heard about the powerful solar storm that happened on the night of March 6th & 7th.  The solar storm produced a coronal mass ejection (CME) which was headed for earth & expected to reach on March 8th.  As soon as I heard about the solar storm, I wanted to drive up as far north as I could get. Continue reading

Tropical Tranquility

As December hits here in the Midwest, I do realize I am painting out of season…  Maybe it’s denial that winter is here or maybe I’m just wishing I were here on this tranquil island instead of winterizing & dealing with mouse issues.  Or maybe I’m just an island girl at heart.  Regardless, I hope you all enjoy my varieties of art year round.

12×18 Pastel on Wallis Paper.

Matted & Framed

$100 – (free shipping within United States)

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