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Dog Friendly Beach

 Mt. Baldy – Indiana Dunes State Park

Marley’s new favorite past time at the beach is collecting & fetching rocks.  I think he’s got a new obsession to add to the list. Continue reading


Celebrate Love EVERY day…

I think we should all celebrate love EVERY day..  I don’t mean candy, cards, flowers, etc…..  Just LOVE!!!  :)

and now, I bring you some pictures of a special doll.

It's eye looks REAL! The reflection of my camera lens was a completely cool creepy accident. Love it!

Great Scenic Drives & Hiking Near Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is a place that pretty much everyone I know has been to at least once in their lives.  Last year was my turn.  I finally made it to Vegas!  Time to party?  Not exactly.  Well ok, the first night was a party on Freemont St. but the rest of my time there I had more fun off the strip, getting out into nature, rather than losing my money in the casinos & spending $10 for a sandwich.  We kept it cheap & still had fun. Continue reading

Indian Summer ~ A walk around Lake Katherine

We’ve had quite a few unseasonably warm weekends here in the Midwest that lasted well into November.  This was my last chance to get outside & catch some vibrant fall foliage on this 70 degree day.  So, we packed up our gear & of course we brought Marley with for the walk at Lake Katherine in Palos Heights, IL.

Now that winter is here though, I probably won’t be getting outside as much.  (That is unless Santa brings me my winter boots & snow pants.)  So I’m probably going to take this opportunity to do some more artwork.

Here are a few photos I took

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Monsoon Season

One thing I miss about living in Arizona is the summer thunderstorms that happened frequently in the afternoons (also known as monsoons).  I lived in Mesa for a while and it seemed that almost every afternoon I’d get off work & as soon as I parked it would start to rain as I ran (or sometimes walked) to my apartment.  It was nice that I could cool off from a long hot ride home since I didn’t have air conditioning in my car.  The water in the pool was way to hot to cool off in, so  I would just sit out on my balcony watching the storm roll in,  getting misted by the huge pellets of rain crashing on the handrail of the balcony.  Or sometimes it would even rain sideways.  I LOVE thunderstorms..

As my parting gift, Arizona gave me one last beautiful storm to capture on film.  I took this photo on my last day in Arizona driving back to Illinois.  As I was looking for somewhere to pull over with some sort of foreground I came across this tiny pond (or puddle?) and these weird little desert trees.

This was taken just east of Flagstaff on a road near the Meteor Crater.   If anyone has driven I-40 you should know what I’m talking about.

Fun with Photography

Today I got off work a little early & spent the rest of what was left of daylight outside with my camera.   I didn’t even realize how much time had passed by.  I spent hours in my yard by my flowers and it felt like minutes.   I felt like a kid again, just crawling around in the dirt, playing with the bugs & stuff..

Although grasshoppers kind’ve creep me out when they jump & land on me, I had fun with this guy.  He was good & stayed on the flower.    Having objects like bugs make the pictures a little more fun in my opinion.

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Smoky Mountain Snail

I came across this lil guy while walking along a road in the Smoky Mountains.  Some people ask me how do I find such little things in such big places because I’m always spotting wildlife etc.  I’m just observant & patient in nature.  You never know what you’re gonna see.  The next time you’re hiking, wait at least 2 minutes in silence.  Just sit down & wait quietly… notice the animals will come.  Listen, watch & enjoy.

Sunset over Alum Creek Lake, OH

The name is just a little contradicting don’t you think?  Is it a creek?  Is it a lake?  :)   Anyways, I spent my birthday weekend visiting my cousin in Ohio & she took us out on the boat for the day.  I took this photo on my birthday at sunset.  What a beautiful birthday gift from nature.  Thankfully the lake was pretty calm since I took this photo from the boat.  It may look a little crooked, but hey…I’m no pro ; )

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Turkey Run

I went hiking one day at Turkey Run State Park and out of the corner of my eye through all the green foliage, I noticed something bright orange about 40 feet off the path..  Of course I was curios to see what that bright orange blob could be.  As I got a little closer I realized it’s mushrooms.  I’ve never seen such a shroom like this before.  This was some fun fungi to photograph.   Awesome!

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